The time and place where a retail transaction is completed is called the point of sale (POS). At this point a customer makes the payment to the merchant in exchange of buying goods or rendering services.

The merchant would then prepare an invoice for the customer (this may be in the form of a cash register printout). After offering methods of payment to the customer and finally receiving payment, the merchant will then issue a receipt for the completed transaction. In usual cases the receipt is printed, but with new technology it is being processed electronically.

Following are the modules and systems of Point of Sale:

  • Inventory Module.
  • Accounting Module.
  • Reporting Module.
  • Book keeping Module.
  • Manage client data for long term engagement.
  • Re Ordering System.
  • Tax calculator System.
  • Transaction Time.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Accurate and Timely Data
  • Security.
  • Support.

With new payment technology options all business owners should carefully analyze all aspects before selecting a POS system. Following are the ones to be kept in mind:.

Inventory management system is a very helpful computer based system, used for tracking and managing inventory levels, sales, delivery and orders.

Instead of using the traditional methods of organizing inventory data, installing an Inventory Management System helps you avoid situations of crisis such as overstock and outages.

An Inventory Management System provides you with the following features:

  • Order Management.
  • Service Management.
  • Product Identification
  • Asset Tracking.
  • Inventory Optimization.

With the help of Human Resource Management Systems, functions such as tracking existing employee data.

Which traditionally includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments and salary, are automated which reduces the manual workload of the administration. HR executives of various companies and organizations rely on internal or external IT professionals to develop and maintain an integrated HRMS.

Currently human resource management systems encompass:

  • Payroll.
  • Benefits administration.
  • Performance appraisal and Record.
  • Time and attendance
  • Time and attendance
  • Recruiting/Learning management.
  • Recruiting/Learning management
  • Scheduling.
  • Absence management
  • Employee Re-assign module
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